Schizophrenia/Mental Illness



  • Free Inquiry, February/March
    “Schizophrenic Skepticism” (forthcoming) (print)
  • Free Inquiry, April/May issue
    “Untitled” Op-Ed (print)

Human Rights

  • Huffington Post
    Technology and Human Rights
    Refugee Terrorism
  • Nota Bene
    “To Tell About It”
    Selected as 1 of 28 international Phi Theta Kappa members out of 750 entries for publication
  • Mid Rivers Review
    Described poem entitled, “Ferguson”, in the introduction of the 2015 edition as “a poem worthy of the best equal-rights-and-justice poems post-Ferguson 2014”
  • On the Future (A Medium publication)
    AI Should Slow Down, Human Health Should Speed Up

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